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Device, system and method for immobilization of a human's body part
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1. A system for immobilization of a patient body part for radiotherapy applications comprising:
a device comprising at least one flanged support member which is suitable to be mounted to a fixation surface and is adapted to receive and retain at least two sheets,
a first sheet for covering the anatomical contours of a first area of said body part, and
a second sheet for covering the anatomical contours of a second area of said body part which is not covered by the first sheet, wherein said first sheet and said second sheet each comprise a single circumferential rim which is provided with connection means for mounting said sheets to the flanged support member, and wherein each of said circumferential rims are dismountably fixed to the thermoplastic sheets,
and wherein the flanged support member and the circumferential rims have a U shape, and are at least partially superimposable, whereby the system is adapted for supporting the immobilized body part free from the fixation surface by the two sheets and the device.