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Methods and apparatus to inactivate infectious agents on a catheter residing in a body cavity
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1. A medical device assembly for insertion into a cavity of a patient's body and for delivery of a fluid to the patient's body, comprising:
an electromagnetic radiation (EMR) source for providing non-ultraviolet, sterilizing EMR having an intensity comprising a radiant exposure of at least 0.1 J/cm2 and up through 100 J/cm2 and power of at least 0.005 mW and up through 1 Watt, such intensity being sufficient to inactivate one or more infectious agents;
a catheter having an elongate catheter body with at least one internal lumen, a coupling end and an distal end tip, the distal end tip being insertable into the cavity of the patient's body, wherein the catheter body directs both the fluid and the sterilizing EMR axially through the catheter body for delivery into the patient's body at the distal end tip;
an optical element disposed within the catheter body and conducive to the axial propagation of the sterilizing EMR through the catheter body; and
at least one coupling to connect the EMR source to the catheter body.