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Laser therapy for at least one of grade III and grade IV capsular contracture
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1. A method for treating at least one of Grade III capsular contracture and Grade IV capsular contracture in a mammalian subject, the method comprising:
identifying a subject with an implant, wherein the implant is surrounded by tissue causing at least one of Grade III capsular contraction and Grade IV capsular contraction;
positioning a laser device proximate to the subject;
using the laser device to apply a laser beam having a single uniform wavelength between approximately 600 nm and approximately 1000 nm to an area of the subject proximate to the tissue surrounding the implant;
wherein the step of using the laser device to apply the laser beam includes applying a laser beam to produce a low level near infrared radiation having an average output power between approximately 1 milliwatt and approximately 5 milliwatts, and an energy density of between approximately 0.5 joules per square centimeter and approximately 3 joules per square centimeter.