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Intuitive overlaid readiness indicator for defibrillators
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1. A method for displaying the operating status of a defibrillator, comprising the steps of:
automatically determining a ready-for-use status of the defibrillator in a defibrillator self-test circuit;
providing a positive control signal from the defibrillator self-test circuit responsive to the automatically determining step;
providing a second liquid crystal shutter coaxial with the visual icon and the liquid crystal shutter;
providing a visual display on an external surface of the defibrillator, the visual display including a visual icon which indicates a not-ready-for-use status overlaid by a liquid crystal shutter; and
driving the liquid crystal shutter to an opaque state with the positive control signal,
wherein the liquid crystal shutter includes a transparent visual icon which indicates the ready-for-use status responsive to the driving step.