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Environment and use monitoring system for advanced life support devices
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1. A data collection device for monitoring use history of a medical device, the medical device including a self-test circuit for sensing a fault in the medical device, the data collection device comprising:
an environmental sensor that collects environmental data from a use environment of the medical device;
a memory that records operating data of the medical device and the environmental data from the environmental sensor;
a wireless transceiver that transmits the environmental data and the operating data to a remote memory; and
a controller in communication with the medical device, the environmental sensor, the memory, and the transceiver, wherein the controller causes the transceiver to transmit the environmental data and the operating data to the remote memory, and further receives an instruction, through the wireless transceiver, for modifying a protocol for maintaining the medical device to more accurately predict and/or to avoid a fault in the medical device, as sensed by the self-test circuit,
wherein the data collection device is attached to the medical device, and is co-located with the medical device in the use environment.