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System and method for reversing the effects of paralysis
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1. A system for restoring motor control of a patient including:
an elongate acupuncture needle adapted for nonsurgical transcutaneous insertion into a spinal cavity of the patient whereby a portion of said needle is internal to the patient's body at least partially in parallel with and against the dura and ligament tissue and against one of the dura and ligament tissue of the patient's spine in the epidural space in a spinous process to repair spinal cord transection and restore muscle control and a portion of the needle is external to the patient's body;
a circuit for applying an electrical potential to the external portion of the needle with a signal that mimics natural neural impulses in the patient's body in order to transmit and signals along the spinal column to restore movement; and
means including a motor for moving a limb of the patient during the application of the signal.