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Two-stage reconstituting injector
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1. An injector for injecting a medicament into a patient, comprising:
a container defining:
a first chamber containing a fluid, and
a second chamber;
an injection conduit configured for directing the fluid fired from the container into the patient;
a transfer mechanism operable by a user to transfer the fluid from the first chamber to the second chamber in a first stage of operation;
a firing mechanism operable by the user for firing the fluid from the second chamber through the injection conduit in a second stage of operation; and
an energy source in powering association with the transfer and firing mechanisms to drive the transfer mechanism and the firing mechanism in both the first stage of operation and the second stage of operation,
wherein the injection conduit has a position that is fluidly isolated from the second chamber, the injector further comprising a transfer control that is manually operable to operate the transfer mechanism in the first stage of operation and to fluidly communicate the injection conduit with the second chamber in the first stage of operation.