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Device, system and method for facilitating syringe based drug delivery and management thereof
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1. A device for facilitating drug delivery with a syringe based device, wherein the device optimizes the delivery of an injected drug, records activity and data relative to said drug injections while the drug is administered, the device comprising:
a disposable unit configured for a single use period characterized in that said disposable unit is rendered non-functional after said single use period, the disposable unit comprising a lower surface having a biocompatible adhesive with removable laminate for coupling said disposable unit over an area of skin defining an injection area; and
a reusable unit having electronics comprising: control module, memory module, power supply module, communication module, contactless communication module, treatment element module and sensor module,
the disposable unit having at least one connector for coupling with said reusable unit and an activating member configured to activate said reusable unit,
wherein said power supply module comprises a rechargeable energy source that may be replenished with a base station unit for charging said power supply,
wherein the disposable unit comprises two surfaces and a member connecting an end of one of the surfaces to an end of the other of the surfaces.