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Syringe storage tray
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1. A storage system comprising:
a syringe, comprising:
a barrel with first and second barrel ends, the second barrel end proximate to a dispensing end of the syringe and the first barrel end opposite the second end;
a plunger tip disposed and movable between the first and second barrel ends; and
a plunger engaging the plunger tip;
a tray comprising at least one recess in which the syringe is disposed; and
a tool comprising:
a plunger element comprising an inner collar with the plunger disposed within the inner collar and the inner collar having a first inner collar end abutting a second end of the plunger opposite the plunger tip, and engaging the plunger; and
a wheel engaging the plunger element to at least one of prevent movement of the plunger tip toward either one or both of the first and second barrel ends, and be selectively adjustable relative to the first and second barrel ends to vary the distance between the plunger tip and the first and second barrel ends, comprising an outer collar disposed around the inner collar and the outer collar having a first outer collar end threadingly engaging the inner collar and a second outer collar end attached to the barrel, and
wherein the wheel is at least one of attached to or abutting the first barrel end and a surface of the at least one recess.