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Neural injection system and related methods
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1. A method for administering a medicament to a patient comprising the steps of:
locating a site for injection;
inserting at least a portion of a neural injection system comprising an at least partially hollow cannula being defined by a first inside diameter, a first outside diameter, and a first length, and a side port located coaxially along the lateral axis of the cannula for fluid communication from inside said at least partially hollow cannula to outside said at least partially hollow cannula, wherein said cannula has a rounded shoulder on a blunt distal end and the absolute tip of the blunt distal end forms an opening, wherein the side port is a separate opening from the opening at the absolute tip of the blunt distal end; a stylet, wherein the stylet is capable of being releasably locked in a first position within said cannula; and, an introducer being defined by a second inside diameter, a second outside diameter, and a second length, wherein the introducer is used for access across a tissue of a patient that cannot be punctured by the rounded shoulder on the blunt distal end during a normal insertion procedure; and
injecting the medicament into the patient.