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Diaphragm repositioning for pressure pod using position sensing
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1. An extracorporeal treatment system including a pressure measurement system comprising:
a pressure pod body comprising at least a pod body portion and a base body portion;
a diaphragm separating a liquid side cavity defined at least in part by the pod body portion from a transducer side cavity defined at least in part by the base body portion, wherein the liquid side cavity is in fluid communication with an inlet and an outlet, and further wherein the diaphragm is displaceable from a centered measuring position into the liquid side cavity towards the pod body portion and is displaceable from the centered measuring position into the transducer side cavity towards the base body portion;
a pressure transducer operatively coupled to the transducer side cavity such that pressure of liquid when present in the liquid side cavity is transferred to the transducer side cavity via the diaphragm and measureable by the pressure transducer;
a position sensor to sense the position of the diaphragm;
a controller operatively coupled to the position sensor to receive one or more signals representative of the position of the diaphragm and to generate a control signal based thereon for use in repositioning the diaphragm towards the centered measuring position; and
pump apparatus operatively coupled to the controller and the transducer side cavity to reposition the diaphragm to the centered measuring position based on the control signal generated by the controller.