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Systems for establishing supplemental blood flow in the circulatory system
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1. A system for inserting a cannula through heart tissue comprising:
a cannula having a lumen; and
an insertion device configured to be received within the lumen of the cannula to facilitate insertion of a portion of the cannula through the heart tissue, wherein the insertion device includes:
a shaft having proximal and distal end portions and a guide wire lumen configured to receive a guide wire;
a tip connected to the distal end portion of the shaft, the tip being configured for insertion through the heart tissue; and
an expandable member coupled to the distal end portion of the shaft, the expandable member being movable between a first configuration wherein the expandable member is disengaged with the cannula, and a second configuration wherein the expandable member is releasably secured to the cannula, and wherein the guide wire lumen extends through the tip and the expandable member.