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Wound dressing and method of use
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1. A wound treatment apparatus comprising:
a wound dressing comprising:
a liquid and gas permeable transmission layer;
an absorbent layer for absorbing wound exudate, the absorbent layer overlying the transmission layer;
a gas impermeable cover layer overlying the absorbent layer and comprising a first orifice, wherein the cover layer is moisture vapor permeable;
a suction port overlying the first orifice, the suction port comprising:
a connector portion configured to connect the suction port to a source of negative pressure; and
a sealing surface sealed to an outer surface of the cover layer;
a filter element overlying the opening in the first orifice in the cover layer and underlying at least a portion of the suction port, the filter element comprising a flat, microporous membrane configured to stop any liquid in the wound exudate from entering the connector portion, the filter element oriented parallel to the cover layer and having a dimension that is larger than that of the first orifice;
a wound contact layer underlying the transmission layer, wherein the cover layer and the wound contact layer extend outwards from a central region of the dressing beyond an edge region of the absorbent layer to thereby form a peripheral region, the cover layer and the wound contact layer being sealed together in the peripheral region, and
wherein the absorbent layer comprises a second orifice underlying the first orifice.