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Regeneration of antimicrobial coatings containing metal derivatives upon exposure to vapor-phase hydrogen peroxide
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1. A method of enhancing and regenerating durable antimicrobial activity of the surface of an article, wherein said method comprises the steps in sequence of:
a. providing, on the surface of an article on which durable antimicrobial activity is desired, a polymer doped with a metal derivative,
b. exposing the polymer doped with a metal derivative to a source of vapor-phase hydrogen peroxide for a time sufficient to permit an antimicrobially-enhancing amount of hydrogen peroxide to be sequestered thereon, and thereafter,
c. removing the source of vapor-phase hydrogen peroxide,
wherein said metal derivative comprises 1% to 50% (w/w) of the weight of the doped polymer, wherein said metal derivative is a hydroxide, an oxide, or a peroxide of a metal selected from the group consisting of zinc, magnesium, titanium, and zirconium,
wherein the water absorbency of said polymer is between 0.5% and 20% (w/w),
whereby said antimicrobial activity, when tested using ASTM Standard Method E2180-07(2012) at least 24 hours after said removal of the source of vapor-phase hydrogen peroxide, provides at least a 3-log reduction of viable Escherichia coli bacteria greater than that of a corresponding surface of said polymer doped with said metal derivative which has not been exposed to vapor phase hydrogen peroxide.