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Mobile sterilization apparatus and method for using the same
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1. A mobile sterilization system comprising:
a sterilization cabinet, the sterilization cabinet comprising:
a bottom panel, a top panel, two side panels, a back panel and a door configured so as to define an interior chamber;
a plurality of casters or wheels mounted to the bottom panel, each of the plurality of casters or wheels being mounted to the bottom panel by a caster or wheel bracket, wherein the caster or wheel bracket comprises a lateral projection;
perforations formed in at least one of the bottom panel, top panel and two side panels; and
at least one filter configured to cover the perforations; and
a transfer cart, the transfer cart comprising:
an upper platform for receiving a sterilization cabinet, the upper platform comprising a pair of transfer cart tracks extending longitudinally along the upper platform, wherein each of the transfer cart tracks comprises a lateral projection;
adaptor railings detachably connected to the upper platform, wherein the adaptor railings are adjustable and are configured to connect the pair of transfer cart tracks with an interior of an autoclave or a storage rack such that the sterilization cabinet is configured to slide along the pair of transfer cart tracks and the adaptor railings when transferred into the autoclave or onto the storage rack; and
a lower support structure for supporting the upper platform and for receiving wheels;
wherein the sterilization cabinet is received on the transfer cart such that the lateral projections of the caster or wheel brackets engage the lateral projections of the transfer cart tracks, whereby to prevent side-to-side and up-and-down movement of the sterilization cabinet relative to the transfer cart.