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Safe-driving support system
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1. A safe-driving support system, comprising:
a spraying device having a shape being able to be steadily placed near a driving seat of a movable body and spraying in the movable body;
a mobile information processing device configured to be able to perform proximity communication with the spraying device and being able to obtain current location information via a GPS; and
an information providing server providing the information processing device with information via the Internet; and
the spraying device, further comprising:
a liquid container containing water solution containing caffeine;
a spraying operation part spraying water solution containing caffeine contained in the liquid container; and
wherein the spraying device is configured to spray in the movable body by activating the spraying operation part in response to a spraying command from the information processing device that established proximity communication; and
the information providing server, further comprising:
a map information memory part memorizing map information;
attention requiring area memory part memorizing attention requiring area information showing areas requiring careful driving; and
wherein the information providing server is configured to send the map information and the attention requiring area information, respectively, to the information processing device in response to a request from the information processing device; and
wherein the information processing device obtains the map information and the attention requiring area information from the information providing server by requesting to the information providing server, calculates necessary time to the attention requiring area based upon the map information and the attention requiring area information obtained from the information providing service and the current location information, and generates a spraying command to the spraying device if it is judged that the necessary time is shorter than a criterion time; and
wherein the spraying device activates the spraying operation part based upon the spraying command and sprays the water solution containing caffeine in the movable body.