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Drug delivery devices for delivery of ocular therapeutic agents
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1. A device, comprising:
a composition in the form of a matrix of an active agent and a non-water soluble polymer, wherein the active agent comprises a latanoprost free acid salt, and wherein the non-water soluble polymer comprises ethylene vinyl acetate,
a first polymer portion;
a second polymer portion fused to the first polymer portion, the second polymer portion including a recess configured to support the composition; and
a third polymer portion fused to the second polymer portion;
wherein the total diameter of the device ranges from 3-5 mm, and
wherein the device is configured to:
(a) conform to a curvature of the eye,
(b) yield an elution rate of 0.00025-0.0075 micrograms/hr of the active agent, and
(c) release 70% to 90% of the active agent over a period of at least 30 days.