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Composition comprising (2,5-diaminophenyl)ethanol and a cellulose polymer or carboxylic anionic polymer in a medium rich in fatty substances, dyeing process and device
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1. A cosmetic composition comprising:
a) at least one fatty substance;
b) at least one polymer chosen from cellulose polymers and carboxylic anionic polymers;
c) at least one oxidation base chosen from (2,5-diaminophenyl)ethanol, and the acid salts, solvates, and hydrates thereof;
d) optionally at least one coupler;
e) optionally at least one basifying agent; and
f) at least one chemical oxidizing agent;
wherein the cosmetic composition comprises a total fatty substance content of at least about 10% by weight, relative to the total weight of the cosmetic composition;
wherein said cosmetic composition is prepared by mixing a composition (A) and a composition (B),
wherein composition (A) comprises:
c) the at least one oxidation base;
d) optionally, the at least one coupler; and
e) optionally, the at least one basifying agent; and
wherein composition (B) comprises:
f) the at least one chemical oxidizing agent; and
wherein compositions (A) and (B) are mixed in a weight ratio of (A)/(B) ranging from 0.2 to 10.