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Method and apparatus for medication storage and delivery
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1. An intelligent pill box device, comprising:
a base and a display panel;
said base including a plurality of cylindrical shaped receptacles for storing medication bottles, each receptacle including a radio frequency identification reader, and each receptacle surrounded by a faraday cage, and each receptacle containing a load cell at the bottom of the receptacle to measure the weight of the contents of the receptacle;
said base including a processing device and a memory, said processing device executing at least:
instructions relating to weighing medication in a medication bottle that is placed in the receptacle, instructions relating to using said reader to extract information from a radio frequency tag on said medication bottle instructions relating to using at least said extracted information to determine a medication schedule for taking said medication and notifying a user when it is time to take said medication, and instructions relating to monitoring compliance with said medication schedule;
said display panel attached to the base with a hinge, and said display panel including a flat screen display to display information to a user;
said base including a wireless device for connecting to a wireless network wherein said intelligent pill box device communicates with a third party service provider via another network that is connected to said wireless network, and
wherein said user has a rewards account with said third party and said intelligent pill box device is registered to said rewards account, and wherein said third party service provider provides said user with a reward to said rewards account if the user complies with said medication schedule based on information communicated from said intelligent pill box to said third party via said wireless network;
using a calibration process and the load cell to determine the average weight of individual medication within the medication bottle;
alerting a user to take one or more of said medication according to the medication schedule;
determining whether said user took the medication according to said medication schedule by using the total weight of the medication bottle and the medication before and after the alert and calculating whether the correct amount of medication was removed from the medication bottle based on the average weight of each individual medication;
transmitting a confirmation that the user complied with the medication schedule from the intelligent pill box device to the third party via the wireless network; and
having the third party provide the user with a reward to the rewards account in response to the received confirmation;
wherein the process further comprises alerting the user that additional medication should be ordered based on based on:
(i) the average time for delivering the additional medication from the third party to the user and
(ii) the amount of medication left in the medication bottle.