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Liquid medicine preparation system and method of preparing liquid medicine
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1. A liquid medicine preparation system that prepares a liquid medicine, the system comprising:
a preparation zone in which preparation work of the liquid medicine is performed by a robot; and
a storing zone which has a plurality of first spaces each of which is capable of storing a container housing the liquid medicine prepared,
wherein the storing zone includes:
a storage rack on which a mounter to which a tray housing the container is mountable is arranged while being stacked in multiple stages, and
a taking-in-and-out device configured to perform taking in and out of the tray with respect to the mounter,
wherein the storing zone further includes a rack moving device that moves the storage rack inside and outside the storing zone,
wherein the mounter includes a partition plate which covers a lower side in a vertical direction of the tray and is attachable to and detachable from the mounter, and
further comprising a photoelectric sensor which is arranged in a vicinity of the storage rack, emits light in a stacking direction of the mounter, and detects popping up of the tray and the partition plate from the storage rack.