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Catheter tray, packaging system, and associated methods
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1. A kit, comprising:
a single level tray defining at least a first compartment and a second compartment, the first compartment bounded by a first compartment base member of the single level tray, the second compartment bounded by a second compartment base member of the single level tray, the single level tray including a barrier separating the first compartment from the second compartment, the barrier defining an opening;
a first syringe containing an inflation fluid, the first syringe disposed within the first compartment of the single level tray;
a second syringe containing a lubricant, the second syringe disposed within the single level tray, the first syringe and the second syringe configured for use during a catheterization procedure;
an indwelling catheter; and
a coiled tube coupling the indwelling catheter to a fluid receptacle, the indwelling catheter, the coiled tube, and the fluid receptacle disposed within the second compartment of the single level tray with the coiled tube being outside of the fluid receptacle, the opening of the barrier sized to receive a portion of the indwelling catheter when the indwelling catheter is passed from the second compartment into the first compartment to lubricate the indwelling catheter.