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Medical photothermal moxibustion instrument
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1. A medicinal photothermal moxibustion instrument, comprising:
a shell internally fixed with an instrument working power source;
an electronic photothermal moxibustion signal adjusting system including a control system assembly plate, wherein the control system assembly plate includes a power switch, a setting key and a plurality of moxibustion head sockets being installed on an enclosure panel of the control system assembly plate;
a photothermal moxibustion signal connecting conductor connecting a plug with a moxibustion head of a moxibustion head substrate that is plastically packaged;
a heating element and/or a light emitting diode installed inside the moxibustion head substrate; wherein the plug is inserted into the moxibustion head socket, and a medicine line is squeezed into a medicine line slot arranged on a working face of the moxibustion head substrate, and the medicine line slot intersects with a wire connecting two light emitting diodes.