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1. A pull-on garment that includes an outer cover forming an outer surface of the garment, both lateral side edge portions of the outer cover in a front body portion and both lateral side edge portions of the outer cover in a back body portion being joined to each other to form a pair of side seals, a waist opening, and a pair of leg openings,
wherein each of the side seals includes a seal edge portion where the edge portion of the outer cover in the front body portion and the edge portion of the outer cover in the back body portion are bonded to each other in a side-by-side configuration by a continuous linear fusion-bonded portion extending in a longitudinal direction of the side seal,
in a cross-section orthogonal to a direction in which the side seal extends, when a direction directed from a side closer to the skin of a wearer toward a side farther from the skin of the wearer of the garment is referred to as an inner-to-outer direction and a direction orthogonal to the inner-to-outer direction is referred to as a thickness direction, the fusion-bonded portion includes a narrow section which is formed at a middle portion thereof in the thickness direction and of which a width along the inner-to-outer direction is small, and
the narrow section is a section where broad sections are located on both sides of the narrow section in the thickness direction, and the width of the broad sections, respectively, along the inner-to-outer direction is larger than the width of the narrow section.