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Adjustable orthopedic back support
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1. An adjustable orthopedic back support, comprising:
a posterior panel assembly;
a circumferential rail strap having ends attached to said posterior panel assembly, and comprising an unattached intermediate length extending between its attached ends; and
at least one selectively positioned anterior panel assembly carried on the unattached intermediate length of said rail strap, and adapted for sliding linear adjustment along said rail strap relative to said posterior panel assembly;
said anterior panel assembly overlapping a portion of said posterior panel assembly, and having an extension portion selectively linearly extending from said posterior panel assembly, whereby said back support is adapted to be custom adjusted to circumferentially fit around a lumbar region of a wearer, and wherein said posterior panel assembly comprises a substantially rigid back panel adapted to extend generally from an L-1 vertebra of the wearer to above an L-5 vertebra, first and second substantially flexible side panels extending from opposite sides of said back panel, and means for adjustably interconnecting said first and second side panels together; and
wherein said anterior panel assembly defines spaced apart laterally-slotted openings slidably receiving the unattached intermediate length of said rail strap therethrough, the slotted openings forming an external window for exposing a portion of said rail strap at an outside major surface of said anterior panel assembly, and wherein said rail strap comprises longitudinally-spaced sizing indicia adapted for being selectively exposed through the window defined by said anterior panel assembly.