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Frame structures, stent grafts incorporating the same, and methods for extended aortic repair
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1. A frame structure adapted for use with a stent graft, the frame structure comprising:
a scallop region having a first end portion, a second end portion, and a perimeter that defines an aperture; and
a Z-form region extending from the scallop region and comprising a plurality of Z-shaped struts, each of which has a first end and a second end that is connected to the scallop region at different points so as to form a central frame structure lumen, wherein the scallop region includes a plurality of attachment members spaced apart from one another by one or more peak-shaped structures;
wherein the second end portion of the scallop region includes a backstop that is deployable from a first flattened configuration to a second erect configuration;
wherein the backstop, in the second erect configuration, is sized and dimensioned to extend into a lumen of an aortic branch vessel.