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Laminoplasty implant, method and instrumentation
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1. A laminal implant comprising:
a first body including a first flange adapted to engage three sides of a first lamina end, a cantilever tab extending to a free end, and a receiving channel, the tab and receiving channel extending away from the first flange in the same direction, at least a portion of the first flange includes an opening adapted to increase pliability of the portion, provide a window through which bone growth can occur, provide for placement and securement of a bone graft, or any combination; and
a second body including a second flange adapted to engage at least two sides of a second lamina end, and a plurality of teeth adapted to engage a projection on the tab, at least a portion of the second body adapted to be positioned within the receiving channel,
the first and second bodies adapted to slideably engage one another wherein the plurality of teeth are shaped such that they can pass the tab when moving in a first direction, and are prevented from moving, by the tab, in a second direction opposite the first direction.