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Valve apparatus, system and method
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1. A valve having an inflow end, an outflow end, and a longitudinal axis extending therebetween, the valve comprising:
a valve frame comprising:
a first tubular ring proximate the inflow end;
a second tubular ring proximate the outflow end and longitudinally spaced apart from the first tubular ring; and
a plurality of frame members extending between the first tubular ring and the second tubular ring, the plurality of frame members defining openings through the valve frame; and
at least two valve leaflets coupled to the valve frame, the at least two valve leaflets being configured to reversibly shift between an open configuration wherein free ends of the at least two valve leaflets are spread apart thereby permitting fluid flow through the valve and a closed configuration wherein the free ends of the at least two valve leaflets converge thereby limiting fluid flow through the valve;
wherein the plurality of valve leaflets move through the openings defined by the plurality of frame members when shifting between the open configuration and the closed configuration.