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Intraocular lens and manufacturing method thereof
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1. An intraocular lens manufacturing method comprising:
an optical characteristics setting step of setting in an optical portion a spherical aberration of an amount for which a spherical aberration and a coma aberration remaining in a human eye of a patient from which a human lens was extracted will not be offset;
a lens shape setting step of determining a lens shape of the optical portion wherein the spherical aberration set at the optical characteristics setting step is provided as a corrective optical characteristic for a residual irregular astigmatism in that human eye of that patient; and
a lens forming step of forming an intraocular lens having optical characteristics in which a high-order aberration of that optical portion is rotationally symmetrical around an optical axis, by means of forming the optical portion to have the lens shape determined by the lens shape setting step, wherein
the coma aberration is a value selected from the group consisting of:
(i) an RMS value;
(ii) a value found based on cornea topography measurement values obtained using a keratometer, a reflex keratometer, or a wave surface sensor; and
(iii) a value expressed as a synthetic vector volume of a horizontal coma aberration and a vertical coma aberration which are C31 and C3−1 terms with Zernike polynomials obtained by performing wave aberration analysis, and
in the optical characteristics setting step, the spherical aberration of the optical portion is set with an RMS value that satisfies both of the following formulas:
Intraocular lens spherical aberration≧Coma aberration remaining in the eye after lens extraction−0.37 μm; and
Intraocular lens spherical aberration≤Coma aberration remaining in the eye after lens extraction−0.17 μm.