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Prothesis having pivoting fenestration
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1. An endoluminal prosthesis, comprising:
a graft having a tubular body and a surface comprising a first biocompatible material;
a stent frame having a plurality of stent units attached to the graft about the surface of the graft and arranged in longitudinally spaced rows, at least one of the stent units comprising a plurality of struts interconnected by apices;
at least three fenestrations disposed through a sidewall of the graft, each fenestration having a diameter;
a first perimeter having a first diameter and surrounding each of the fenestrations;
each first perimeter having a band of flexible material attached to and surrounding the perimeter, the band of flexible material having a depth relative to a surface plane of the tubular body; and
each band of flexible material having a second perimeter attached to and surrounding the band of flexible material;
where the first perimeters, the bands of flexible material, and the second perimeters have a geometric shape and where each fenestration is pivotable in any direction away from an axis perpendicular to a longitudinal axis of the prosthesis, where at least two of the fenestrations are positioned on opposing sides of the graft, and
where the at least three fenestrations extend from an internal surface of the graft to the external surface of the graft.