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Method and device for positioning and stabilization of bony structures during maxillofacial surgery
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1. A maxilla/cranial-facial surgical stabilizer for use during maxilla/cranial-facial surgery, comprising:
a metal frame configured to be fixated to a skull of a patient to establish a fixed frame of reference there about;
at least three flexible arms each attached at one end to said frame and protruding from said frame to a distal end, each of said flexible arms having a fully flexible state of omnidirectional flexibility along its entire length for bending to a desired orientation a rigid state along its entire length, and a locking mechanism for locking said flexible arm in said rigid state at a desired orientation, and a mounting receptacle at the distal end of each of said flexible arms configured for removable attachment of one of the maxillofacial surgical aids, such as, a dental arch mold or template, a clamp, a holder or a tissue retractor;
whereby said maxilla/cranial-facial surgical stabilizer may be fixated to a skull of a patient and each of said arms bent to and locked in a desired orientation relative to said fixed frame of reference to allow the said maxillofacial surgical aids to support, orient and stabilize the bony structures and/or segments thereof, relative to said skull of said patient.