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Stockinette having folded structure for simplified application
Mark Spencer G. Chua, Glenview, IL (US)
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1. An expandable surgical stockinette, comprising:
a closed end; and
an open end for receiving an appendage of a patient, the open end and closed end being separated by a length of material;
wherein the length of material is folded with an accordion fold so as to be expandable by pulling the open end away from the closed end,
thereby unfolding the length of material;
wherein an opening is formed by folding the length of the material so as to extend back over itself towards the closed end so as to form a cuff extending from the open end toward the closed end;
wherein the cuff extends across the accordion fold;
wherein the length of material comprises a first layer and a second layer, wherein at least one of the first layer or the second layer is liquid impervious.