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Fat reducing device and method utilizing optical emitters
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1. A method of reducing lipid content of subcutaneous adipocytes, said method comprising:
providing a device for applying optical emissions to a recipients body containing a lipid content of subcutaneous adipocytes, said device including an output array having a plurality of optical emitters, and a controller for instructing an operation of the array;
positioning the array a discrete distance from a target area of the recipient;
providing a power source to the array;
producing, via the array, an optical output;
directing the optical output towards the target area of the recipient to reduce the lipid content of subcutaneous adipocytes in the target area of the recipient; and
delivering red light at approximately 313.6 Lux at a wavelength of approximately 635 nm for between 1 and 8 minutes, resulting in a total delivery of 2.88 Joules to the subcutaneous adipocytes of the target area of the recipient,
wherein each of the plurality of optical emitters comprise, at least one of, a light emitting capacitor, a light emitting diode, and a super-luminous light emitting diode.