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Electrocautery instrument for endoscopic therapy
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1. An electrocautery instrument used in endoscopic therapy and collaborating with an electrocautery rod, comprising:
an operation handle including a cylindrical member, a fastening element, and at least one fixing protruding element, the fastening element and the fixing protruding element being disposed on the cylindrical member, wherein the cylindrical member further includes a first inner hole; and
a rotatable positioning means enclosing the cylindrical member, the rotatable positioning means further including a rotatable element, a second inner hole, at least one clasping member, and a plurality of securing units, the rotatable element being rotatably connected to the cylindrical member, the at least one clasping member being disposed on a side wall of the second inner hole and engaged with the fastening element, the securing units being respectively recessed in the side wall of the second inner hole, wherein the rotatable element is disposed corresponding to the at least one fixing protruding element, the rotatable element is provided for rotating the rotatable positioning means, so that the at least one fixing protruding element is positioned on any one of the corresponding securing units, and the electrocautery rod penetrates through the second inner hole and the first inner hole respectively for being connectedly moved with the operation handle.