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Electrosurgical cutting and sealing instruments with cam-actuated jaws
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1. A surgical instrument comprising:
an end effector comprising:
a first jaw member defining a first longitudinal slot;
a second jaw member defining a second longitudinal slot, the second jaw member pivotable towards the first jaw member about a pivot point; and
a cam pin coupled to the second jaw member and positioned offset from the pivot point; and
a reciprocating member translatable distally and proximally through the first longitudinal slot and the second longitudinal slot, wherein a distal portion of the reciprocating member defines a blade, wherein the reciprocating member defines a cam slot for receiving the cam pin, wherein distal motion of the reciprocating member exerts a force on the cam pin to pivot the second jaw member towards the first jaw member, and wherein proximal motion of the reciprocating member exerts a force on the cam pin to pivot the second jaw member away from the first jaw member;
wherein the cam slot comprises a distal portion, a proximal portion vertically offset from the distal portion, and a transition portion connecting the distal portion of the cam slot and the proximal portion, the transition portion angled relative to a longitudinal axis along which the reciprocating member is translatable.