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Methods and devices for controlling motorized surgical devices
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1. A surgical device, comprising:
a proximal handle portion;
a shaft extending distally from the handle portion;
an end effector at a distal end of the shaft, the end effector being configured to engage tissue;
an actuator configured to be actuated so as to cause the end effector to move relative to the shaft;
a generator;
a cord attached to and extending from the proximal handle portion, the cord being configured to operatively couple to the generator configured to provide power to the surgical device when the cord is coupled thereto;
a controller configured to receive a recognition signal from the generator that indicates that the cord is operatively coupled thereto, wherein the controller is configured to, in response to receiving the recognition signal, initialize a sensor that is operatively coupled to a cutting element configured to move longitudinally through the end effector; and
a power source on the cord and external to the proximal handle portion.