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Method and system for patella tendon realignment
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1. A method for repositioning a patellar tendon, the method comprising a surgical procedure including the steps of:
inserting an implant beneath the patellar tendon such that the entire implant is between an end of a tibia proximate a femur and an attachment position of the patellar tendon to the tibia, the implant comprising a superior portion, an inferior portion, and an anterior portion;
placing the anterior portion of the implant in proximity to the patella;
seating the inferior portion of the implant in proximity to the tibia;
changing a position of the patellar tendon with the superior portion of the implant to elevate or tilt the patella; and
affixing the implant to the tibia such that the implant is beneath the patellar tendon and the implant does not extend beyond the end of the tibia proximate the femur and the attachment position of the patellar tendon to the tibia and such that a majority of the implant is positioned over an exterior surface of the tibia;
wherein there is no cutting of the tibia prior to or during the placing, seating, or changing steps, wherein the implant remains implanted after the surgical procedure such that the implant elevates or tilts the patella after the surgical procedure.