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Surgical cannula system and method of use
David B. Spenciner, North Attleboro, MA (US)
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1. A surgical system, comprising:
a flexible cannula having an elongate, generally cylindrical body with an elongate shaft extending between a proximal hub and a distal dam, and a lumen extending through the cannula along a longitudinal axis thereof, wherein the dam is in the form of a flexible annular member formed on a distal end of the shaft, the dam has an unconstrained diameter greater than a diameter of the shaft, and the hub has a diameter greater than the diameter of the shaft;
an obturator having an elongate obturator shaft configured to be removably positioned within the lumen of the cannula, the obturator shaft being configured to fit within the lumen in a clearance fit; and
a flexible, expandable sleeve removably positioned on the distal end of the shaft of the cannula, the sleeve deformably partially encapsulating the dam such that the dam is folded against the shaft of the cannula.