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Thrombectomy and soft debris removal device
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1. A flexible catheter system for clearing an accumulation of occlusive material from a vessel, duct or lumen in a living being, the flexible catheter system comprising:
an aspiration pump, wherein the aspiration pump comprises a helical wire, a core having a proximal end, and a catheter jacket, and
a cap affixed to a distal end of the catheter jacket,
wherein the catheter jacket surrounds the helical wire, wherein the helical wire is wrapped around the core in a helical arrangement and affixed to the core only at the proximal end,
wherein the cap comprises at least one aspiration port,
wherein the helical wire is configured to create suction through the aspiration port when the helical wire is rotated inside the cap, and
wherein a proximal portion of the helical wire is coupled to and driven by a helical source of rotary power to flex independently of the core and catheter jacket.