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Apparatus and methods for bone access and cavity preparation
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1. Apparatus for preparing a bone cavity for implantation of an implant, the apparatus comprising:
a drive shaft defining a radial direction and a longitudinal direction;
a plurality of broaching members, each broaching member having a proximal end and a distal end; and
a hub fixed to a terminal end of the drive shaft, the hub including a hub proximal end and a plurality of faces extending away from a flat, disc-shaped cap positioned at a hub distal end toward the hub proximal end, the faces defining a plurality of openings; wherein:
operationally, a distal end, and not a proximal end, of each of the broaching members, aligns with the radial direction through one of the openings;
each opening is positioned between a first of the faces and a second of the faces; and
each of the faces follows a constant radius along the longitudinal direction.