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Device for the transosseous insertion of suture threads
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1. A device for the transosseous insertion of suture threads characterized in that it comprises:
a. a main body (1), equipped with a grip (2), supporting a protruding cannula (3) provided with an active end (30);
b. a flexible thread-like element (4) housed in a coaxially sliding manner inside the said cannula (3) suitable, on command, for exiting from the active end (30) of the cannula (3), and having the property of freely assuming, at least in an adequate temperature range for which its operative use is foreseen, a natural and predetermined curved form at least in a determined portion of the terminal part thereof; and
c. means for producing the coaxial movement of the thread-like element (4) in the two directions relative to the cannula (3), said means comprising a screw device which can be axially translated in both directions; the thread-like element (4) being directly fastened to the screw device; said screw device being slidably coupled inside the main body (1) and being provided with an internal thread, said internal thread being coupled with an external thread of an operating screw (8), wherein the operating screw (8) can be activated by means of an external knob (9) so that when the external knob (9) is rotated, the operating screw (8) also rotates, and when the operating screw (8) rotates, the screw device slides (a) axially inside the main body (1), (b) axially relative to the operating screw (8) and (c) axially relative to the main body (1); and wherein the external knob (9) does not axially move relative to the grip (2) when the external knob (9) is rotated.