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Device and method for fixating a suture anchor with a suture or a headed anchor in hard tissue
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1. An suture anchor equipped for being anchored in hard tissue with the aid of in situ liquefaction of a material having thermoplastic properties,
the anchor comprising a proximal anchor part and a distal end portion, said proximal anchor part being formed from the material having thermoplastic properties, said distal end portion being equipped for being forced into or through hard tissue,
wherein the anchor is a one piece anchor; and
wherein the anchor distal end portion is directly connectable to a tool via a connection that is capable of transmitting an axial compressive force as well as mechanical vibrations to the proximal anchor part,
wherein the anchor comprises a system of passages and/or grooves for holding at least one suture, and
wherein the material having thermoplastic properties of the proximal anchor part is liquefied by a combined action of the axial compressive force and the mechanical vibration to yield liquefied material, whereby said the liquefied material is laterally displaced while an axial dimension of the anchor is simultaneously reduced.