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Tissue retractor
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1. A surgical site retractor, comprising:
a base defining a periphery having a size that enables it to be held against an exterior chest wall by the surgical site retractor and around a chest incision;
a plurality of legs extending downwardly from the base, wherein each of the plurality of legs comprises a length extending from a proximal end to a distal end of the leg;
a gear assembly configured to move the legs from a substantially central position on the base and adjacent each other to a substantially non-central position where the legs are spaced apart from other and defining a periphery of an open space therebetween; and
a soft tissue retractor secured to the legs, the soft tissue retractor comprising a flexible film extending between the legs and around the periphery defined by the legs, wherein the soft tissue retractor comprises a substantially continuous loop of flexible film, the substantially continuous loop defining a soft tissue retractor perimeter, wherein the soft tissue retractor further comprises a plurality of tubes secured to the continuous loop of film, each of the tubes extending at least partially across the loop of flexible film in a direction substantially perpendicular to the perimeter.