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Method and systems for a removable transducer with memory of an automated breast ultrasound system
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1. An apparatus for ultrasonically scanning a tissue sample, comprising:
an adjustable arm;
a scanning assembly attached to the adjustable arm, the scanning assembly comprising:
a housing configured to define an opening;
a module receiver including a motor for translating the module receiver across the opening of the housing; and
a transducer module adapted to be removably coupled with the module receiver, the transducer module comprising:
a plurality of transducer elements forming a transducer array;
a plurality of pressure sensors distributed across the transducer module;
a memory; and
a processor configured to receive output from the plurality of pressure sensors and execute non-transitory instructions stored in the memory for:
determining usage data of the transducer module based at least in part on pressure data, the pressure data based on the received output from the plurality of pressure sensors;
storing the determined usage data in the memory; and
sending a notification to a user to service the transducer module in response to determining the stored usage data meets a condition relative to a threshold.