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Photon counting type X-ray computed tomography apparatus and data transfer method for the same
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1. A photon counting type X-ray computed tomography apparatus comprising:
an X-ray tube configured to irradiate an X-ray;
a detector configured to count photons derived from the irradiated X-ray;
a raw data generating section configured to collect results of counting performed by the detector and to generate, from the results of counting, raw data for each of a plurality of energy bands;
an information compression section including a difference calculation processing section that is configured to
select, for each energy range of energy ranges, one of the plurality of energy bands belonging to the corresponding each energy range as a reference energy band, the energy ranges being divided into the each energy range at an energy where a change amount of count value exceeds a threshold,
set raw data of the reference energy band for the each energy range as reference data for the each energy range, and
perform, for the each energy range, information compression of multiple pieces of raw data for energy bands other than the reference energy band by obtaining corresponding multiple pieces of difference data, each piece of difference data being difference between raw data of respective two adjacent energy bands belonging to the corresponding each energy range; and
a data transmission section configured to transmit the multiple pieces of difference data and the reference data as raw data compressed by the information compression.