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Cushioning support for monitoring user activity
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1. A monitoring system comprising:
a support for supporting at least a portion of a user's body, wherein the support comprises a first layer and a second layer opposite the first layer, wherein the first and second layers define a central chamber and a peripheral chamber surrounding the central chamber, wherein the central chamber and the peripheral chamber are filled with a first gas or liquid, wherein the support further comprises a third layer, wherein the third layer is opposite both the first and second layers, wherein the second and third layers define an additional chamber, and wherein the additional chamber is filled with a second gas or liquid which is more viscous than the first gas or liquid;
at least one pressure sensor in communication with the support; and
an electronics unit in communication with the at least one pressure sensor,
wherein the electronics unit is configured to transmit information relating to pressure sensed from the at least one pressure sensor to a remote device, and wherein the electronics unit and/or remote device is programmed to provide a warning or alert to inform the user that their posture is proper or improper when seated.