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Measuring chamber for an optical sensor for determining a concentration of a substance in the tissue fluid of a mammal
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1. A measurement chamber device for an optical sensor for measuring the concentration of a substance in the interstitial liquid of a mammal, wherein the measurement chamber device comprises:
a measurement chamber, wherein the measurement chamber is filled with a measurement liquid and comprises a wall, the wall including at least one wall section enabling a better diffusion of the substance than of other components of the interstitial liquid, the measurement chamber, further including a first measurement chamber window section receiving a transmitter unit for emitting optical radiation into the measurement chamber and a second measurement chamber window section receiving a receiver unit for detecting optical radiation transmitted through the measurement chamber, the measurement chamber device further comprising a sterilization envelope which encloses the wall section of the measurement chamber but does not block the optical radiation at the measurement chamber window sections, the sterilization envelope defining a pair of openings in opposing walls thereof corresponding to the measurement chamber windows, wherein each of the pair of openings is sealingly coupled to the measurement chamber around the first measurement chamber window section and the second measurement chamber window section, respectively, wherein the sterilization envelope is filled with measurement liquid to bathe the wall section in measurement liquid, and wherein the sterilization envelope is selectively removable before use of the measurement chamber.