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System and method for in-rumen monitoring
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1. A system for monitoring the process of fermentation within the rumen of one or more ruminant animals comprising:
one or more rumen boluses each having a body comprising at or towards one end of the body opposed lateral extensions or tabs which are flexible toward the body but have memory towards a position extending outwardly of the body to retain the bolus within the dorsal sac of the rumen of the associated animal, the bolus having buoyancy within the dorsal sac against falling to the bottom of the rumen, and each bolus comprising within the body:
a temperature sensor to provide data indicative of temperature within the rumen,
a pH sensor to provide data indicative of pH within the rumen, and
a redox sensor to provide data indicative of the oxidation-reduction potential within the rumen, and
a wireless transmitter for transmitting data or derived parameters to a remote station, and
in the or each bolus or at a remote station a processor arranged to derive from the sensor data one or more parameters indicative of the process of fermentation.