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Magnetic-resonance imaging diagnosis apparatus and magnetic-resonance imaging method
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1. A magnetic-resonance imaging diagnosis apparatus comprising:
a computer;
a data-collection controller configured to automatically detect a motion of a subject and to control a magnetic resonance image via main imaging by collecting magnetic resonance signals from an inside of the subject, a data collection method being initialized to a first image data-collecting method before collecting the magnetic resonance signals, said data-collection controller controlling to switch the data collection method from the first image data-collecting method to a second image data-collecting method when the motion of the subject is detected and to collect the magnetic resonance signals by the second image data-collecting method after switching the data collection method, the second image data-collecting method being one of a data collecting method having a shorter imaging time than the first image data-collecting method and a data collecting method correcting some of the magnetic resonance signals corresponding to the motion of the subject; and
said computer connected to said data-collection controller and that reconstructs the magnetic resonance image from the magnetic resonance signals that are collected during the main imaging in accordance with the data collection method,
wherein a pulse sequence of the first data-collecting method is created based on first imaging parameters of the first image data-collecting method, and a pulse sequence of the second image data-collecting method is created based on second imaging parameters of the second image data-collecting method that are different from those of the first imaging parameters.