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Method and apparatus for heart rate monitoring
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1. A method for monitoring a heart rate, comprising:
receiving ECG (electrocardiogram) signals;
converting the ECG signals to a digital heart monitoring signal as a sequence of heart monitoring samples;
receiving at a processor the digital heart monitoring signal;
dividing the digital heart monitoring signal into successive overlapping frames, each with an odd number N of samples, and each frame encompassing multiple heart beats;
setting amplitude and distance parameters, the distance parameter corresponding to a minimum distance between valid heart beat peaks based on a current estimate of heart rate;
processing a current frame to determine a current heart rate using the amplitude and distance parameters by:
generating folded correlation values based on a folded correlation of (N−1)/2 samples preceding a center sample, and time-reversed (N−1)/2 samples following the center sample;
identifying a number of peaks using the folded correlation values, including
removing false peaks using the amplitude parameter, and
removing false peaks using the distance parameter corresponding to a length of time between valid heart beat peaks;
determining the current heart rate based on the identified peaks using at least the distance parameter;
selectively updating at least the distance parameter in preparation for processing a next frame; and
generating heart rate signals corresponding to the determined current heart rate.