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Apparatus to detect amyloid in a patient user's retina in a diagnosis, advancement and prognosis of alzheimer's disease, traumatic brain injury, macular degeneration and a plurality of neurodegenerative disorders and ocular diseases
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1. An eye imaging apparatus, comprising:
a digital video camera having a plurality of video camera optics, wherein the digital video camera records an image of an amyloid-beta plaque, an amyloid or an amyloid-beta peptide in a patient user's eye or in a patient user's brain;
a slit lamp chinrest adapted to hold a patient user's chin and forehead in a fixed position, the slit lamp chinrest includes a head support, a movable base, a joystick and a housing support;
a camera assembly having a camera housing, the digital video camera, a plurality of observation optics and a lamp;
a plurality of illumination source optics controlling focus and resolution of the camera housing; and
a processing system having a memory system and an observation video monitor, the observation video monitor having high-resolution color graphics capability to display the patient user's eye image or the patient user's brain image to be analyzed, the processing system also having a digitizing board to collect video and digital data and images from the digital video camera instantly and store the collected video and digital data and images into digital data in the memory system and the collected video and digital data and images are available to the processing system to analyze.